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#1 Getting to know you

Meet our specialists

We always aim for a durable relationship and that starts with a deep-dive onto your business. Therefore we have developed a relevant questionnaire which, supplementary to the getting-to-know-you meeting, allows us to fully analyze your needs.

1. We establish our first contact with a cup of coffee, by telephone or via Google Meet. We discuss your corporate mission and vision, and the challenges you are currently facing. 

Do we connect and are there opportunities? Time for the questionnaire.

2.You receive a detailed questionnaire to help determine the product offer, reach and diversity.

This list helps us to form a complete overview of the current situation.

3. We plan a consecutive call to discuss the responses and flesh them out if needed.

Now the need analysis is complete, we can move on to the research phase.

#2 Research phase

Detailed market research and smart strategy

Who is your target audience and how does their search activity relate to your product?

What subjects are included in our market research?

1. Your online competition
2. Search behaviour of your target market
3. Finding current weak spots
4. Your online market potential

We convert the results of the research into:
– Concrete and realistic goals
– A prognosis of the expected ROI results
– Improvements on and optimization of the current campaigns
– An intelligent strategy for achievement of your goals

When the strategy is ready, it’s time to go live.

#3 Campaign

Your campaign live & real-time insights

Are you completely satisfied with the strategy? Then it is finally time to launch your campaign. You can’t wait for feedback … with a personalized dashboard you have direct and real-time insight into the current results.

Curious to see if our specialists’ strategy is already bearing fruits?

Our clients always have access to live data via a personalized dashboard. 

You always have insight in the KPIs that are relevant to you, and you can see your results grow at any moment of the day.

#4 Data monitoring

Optimization & monitoring for better results

Adjustment, testing and monitoring. This is the phase where we do everything possible to maximize the result of your campaign. If we see a chance to grow, we go for it. With the result that your campaign budget is used to even greater effect.

Our specialists strive for maximum growth. In short, our three pillars: Cost reduction, improved quality and increased turnover.

We use these pillars as the basis for campaign analysis and optimization. 

Do we still see opportunities for growth? Then it is time for action. We always deploy your campaign budget effectively and extract the maximum value.

Curious to know how we stay on top of all these developments? Read more about our short and concise reporting moments.

#5 Reporting

Up-to-date with a monthly report

Not a huge epistle, but a clear overview of the data that is relevant to you. During our reporting-sessions via Google Meet we discuss the results, the opportunities for improvement and the action list.

Despite your access to real-time insights, our specialists like to keep you well informed and avoid any potential misunderstandings. Therefore, we plan a reporting moment every month to discuss everything with you in detail and address any concerns. You get a clear view of the results, and we can discuss next steps. 

  • Coffee
  • Brainstorm
  • Free Audit

Ready for improvement & top results?

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