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Maximize Profit with Google Ads

The internet is full of offers and promises. With a targeted Google Ads campaign we will ensure that your website will be visited by the right target group. In short: More conversion for more profit. Relevance is the key here.
  • Revenue increase
  • Consistent results
  • More visibility

Get everything out of Google Ads

Google Ads kan op veel manieren bijdragen aan jouw groei. Ontdek hier met welke tools onze SEA specialisten werken om jouw online zichtbaarheid te vergroten en omzet te verhogen.

Google Search

Using smart search terms, compelling advertisement texts and Google Search, we ensure a targeted sales approach and corresponding results for your company.

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On average, there are 6 interactions with your company before a buyer makes a purchase. Remarketing keeps your brand Top of Mind with your visitors, which considerably increases your chance of conversion and more turnover.

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Reach your target group and create recognition with YouTube video advertisements. Demonstrate why your offer is the right choice on the second largest search engine in the world.

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Display Ads

Advertising on GDN increases visibility and market recognition in all phases of the customer journey. Reach your target audience in all their favourite online spots.

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Google Shopping

Get the most out of Google Ads with Google Shopping. Attracting potential buyers is easy by showing the relevant details of your product in the search engine.

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How we work

#1 Getting to know you

Meet our specialists

#2 Researchfase

Detailed market research and smart strategy

#3 Campaign

Your campaign live & real-time insights

#4 Data monitoring

Optimization and monitoring for better results

#5 Reporting

Up-to-date with a monthly report

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Nieuwsgierig naar onze interim opdracht bij Mobiel.nl?

Maarten Roomer, Lead Marketing

“They master the profession and are able to share this in a pleasant and clear way. This has led to a considerable growth in orders and a reduction in costs. A nice result. To monitor progress, our SEA employees have been trained and left with a good dose of knowledge.”

Maarten Roomer


“Worked with several Google agencies. The personal approach is very nice, the monthly meetings go much further than just Google Ads optimization. She thinks along with you about marketing campaigns, the website, content and optimisation.”

Nathan Harlaar


“After having experienced a number of “Cowboys”, we work together with Ads Specialists and the results do not lie! They go just that little bit further than you are used to and they know exactly what they are talking about, in short, highly recommended.”

Rob Tangenberg

De Lazer Frezer

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