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Boost your SEA knowledge and ROI with our training

Would you like to raise your level of expertise? Opt for a custom training and learn all the tips and tricks of SEA.

Team training

Ultimate SEA skills for the whole team?

Our training sessions are always custom made following an audit of the current campaigns and an interview in which we assess your team’s level. We then ensure that our training will meet your needs exactly.

Ask about the options for in-house team training.

Always up to date with the latest developments

Our team is always on top

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. New developments in targeting, policy making and even ads formatting keep us on our toes and require us to follow the latest developments to stay on top of our game. We recognize this and constantly adapt our training methods to reflect the current best practises.

Working with individual cases

Smart learning with your case as example

To get the best out of the training, we use a relevant case from your own company as a practical example. In this way we are result oriented, and new tips and tricks learned can be implemented directly.

What you can expect to learn from our training

  • Build campaigns according to the latest directives.

  • Determine basic strategy for your customer or campaign.

  • Implement all campaign types optimally.

  • Optimize campaigns according your our own proven methods.

Always custom training

We start the dialogue to estimate your SEA level and assess which subjects need the most attention, so you can be assured that you benefit from the knowledge that is most important to you. After the training we always follow up per telephone to check if you have been able to apply the new knowledge in practice.

“Worked with several Google agencies. The personal approach is very nice, the monthly meetings go much further than just Google Ads optimization. She thinks along with you about marketing campaigns, the website, content and optimisation.”

Nathan Harlaar


“After having experienced a number of “Cowboys”, we work together with Ads Specialists and the results do not lie! They go just that little bit further than you are used to and they know exactly what they are talking about, in short, highly recommended.”

Rob Tangenberg

De Lazer Frezer

“They master the profession and are able to share this in a pleasant and clear way. This has led to a considerable growth in orders and a reduction in costs. A nice result. To monitor progress, our SEA employees have been trained and left with a good dose of knowledge.”

Maarten Roomer


  • Coffee
  • Brainstorm
  • Free Audit

Interested to discover what we can teach you?

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Would you like to raise your level of knowledge? Opt for a custom training and learn all the tips and tricks of SEA.

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