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Google Ads generates up to 40% of your online turnover. So it’s key that your Google campaigns work! Discover the 4 pillars that our SEA specialists apply to reach your commercial goals and maximize your profit.

The qualitative sum of all parts of your campaign is key to achieving your objectives. Improved quality leads to improved results. It’s essential to raise the quality of structure, advertisement texts, add-ons, conversion actions and attribute models, among others.

Experience has taught us that the possibilities for growth and increased turnover often hide in the smallest details, and that no two cases are the same. Reason enough to view the complete digital ecosystem of your online business under the microscope. Don’t underestimate the importance of investigating aspects like targeting, locations and budget spread.

Do you spend the largest portion of your budget on the most important part of your e-commerce offer? Which of your contact forms converts best, and why? Is first-party data applied in the most effective way? These are just a few questions that our specialists apply in the search for potential growth opportunities. Once your growth potential has been mapped, we will apply smart strategies and you will see your turnover grow!

 Once the improvement in campaign quality has been achieved, it’s time to look at cost savings. No entrepreneur wants to spend more than necessary! Did you know that 15% of the daily searches are new? Finding the sweet-spot is a careful balance between conversion and new search terms. We are our own sharpest critics with various tests – if anything fails to score, we take it out! But in the constantly evolving world of Google Ads there are always edges to sharpen – no campaign ever had the last ‘t’ crossed!

 Awareness of the current surroundings and the market situation is essential for every online business. How is your competitor developing, and what do customer reviews tell you? Are you adaptable to special conditions like Black Friday, or seasonal variances? Are there internal processes which may be causing a subliminal effect on your sales?

In short: Both internal and external factors are fluid and have an impact on each other, and on your turnover. Aspects for which our specialists have hypersensitive antennae, enabling us to zoom in and out on all factors.

This holistic approach ensures that we don’t miss a single opportunity or red flag during the operation and optimization of your Google Ads campaign.

Want to know more about how we work? Discover our approach here. 

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Our complete suite of Google Ads products and services

Our Google Ads services are designed to achieve results. Let us find the optimal combination of your expertise and your campaigns, in order to convert average turnover into increased profit.

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Advertising with Google Ads

Maximizing your ROI with Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display and more .

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Google Ads training

Would you like to raise your level of knowledge? Opt for a custom training and learn all the tips and tricks of SEA.

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Interim specialist

No more concerns about Google Ads with an interim specialist. Our team ensures there is always a SEA specialist available to help you grow.

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White label

Want to impress your customers but you don’t have enough in-house specialists? White labeling offers you the ideal solution.

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Success stories we are proud of

Learn more about challenges we have approached with our clients and the successful results we achieved.

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Maarten Roomer, Marketing Director

“Worked with several Google agencies. The personal approach is very nice, the monthly meetings go much further than just Google Ads optimization. She thinks along with you about marketing campaigns, the website, content and optimisation.”

Nathan Harlaar


“After having experienced a number of “Cowboys”, we work together with Ads Specialists and the results do not lie! They go just that little bit further than you are used to and they know exactly what they are talking about, in short, highly recommended.”

Rob Tangenberg

De Lazer Frezer

“They master the profession and are able to share this in a pleasant and clear way. This has led to a considerable growth in orders and a reduction in costs. A nice result. To monitor progress, our SEA employees have been trained and left with a good dose of knowledge.”

Maarten Roomer


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