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Significant growth in orders and a reduction in costs.

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Website visitors




Gross profit

The challenge

Lack of knowledge and results.

A shortage of experienced specialists with associated knowledge and qualitative campaign optimization.

This resulted in too high advertising costs and too low revenues. Due to a lack of qualitative reporting moments and insight into the progress of the campaigns, the management felt that it had no grip on the growth of the SEA team and Google Ads campaigns.

In addition to improving the Google Ads campaigns and results, there was a great need to train the SEA team and improve the strategic and practical knowledge.

The solution

Complete restructuring of the campaigns.

The performance campaigns via Search and Shopping have been used smarter by improving the structure and advertisements, expanding targeting and using smart automated bidding strategies.

This has resulted in a significant increase in quality website visitors and sales in a short period of time. An important detail here was the KPI costs per sale. By focusing on this KPI, we have been able to increase gross profit and acquire new customers at the right cost.

In addition, a new employee without any Google Ads experience is onboard and trained to become a fully-fledged junior marketer. The current Google Ads marketer has been trained from Junior to Medior level. The team and the processes are fully equipped to work independently, monitor progress and ensure the growth of the campaigns.

The results

New team with sufficient skills and higher returns.

The restructuring has ensured that the number of website visitors via Google Ads has increased by 66%. This led to an 82% increase in transactions and a 123% increase in gross profit.

Finally, the two trainees are able to independently build campaigns, optimize them for higher returns and spot new opportunities. They are also able to work at medior level and report to the management.

The collaboration

Freedom and complete confidence.

We experience the cooperation with Maarten (marketing director) as very pleasant and effective. Due to the freedom and complete confidence he has given us in the execution of our expertise, we have been able to make rapid progress in improving the result.

As far as we are concerned, open communication, trust and short lines are the keywords for the success of our cooperation. The training process with the two SEA trainees went smoothly due to their efforts and the great bond that we were able to build with each other in a short time. Finally, Thomas and Lucas (directors Mobiel.nl) have managed to create a great corporate culture in 20 years, which made working on location very pleasant for us as interim SEA specialists.

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