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Creating continuity in a shrinking market

Since 2012, XLCASA has been the real estate agent in the Netherlands where homeowners can put together their own broker package or can be completely unburdened. Short lines and the fast sales process are the reasons for the more than 2000 homes that have since changed hands thanks to XLCASA.







The challenge

Many adjustments in a shrinking market.

The challenge for XLCASA was to keep the campaigns profitable despite the rising CPCs and the change from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. During our collaboration, the website was also switched to a new CMS system and various propositions were tested.

The solution

In search of distinctiveness.

For XLCASA we have analyzed all available data to arrive at a concrete target group that we can reach via Google Ads. Our focus has shifted to the performing locations and locations with potential. We also made an analysis of the competitors, their USPs and the possibilities of XLCASA. Finally, because selling a home is a complex matter, we have used remarketing to stimulate brand awareness.

Finally, we also ran analyzes on the organic findability, tracking and general user-friendliness of the site so that XLCASA could improve the website.

The results

More applications for a smaller investment.

The efforts of our team and that of XLCASA were rewarded by an increase in valuable requests (+21%), increasing the return on ad spend by 1119%. By using our four pillars we were also able to reduce costs by 44%.

The collaboration

Flexibility and the will to win.

Since 2018 we have been working on the XLCASA campaigns with great pleasure, no year is the same. Because the housing market is constantly changing and XLCASA is very flexible in its proposition, this creates many opportunities. It also ensures that we were able to apply and try out many angles. As an Ads Specialist it is very nice if an entrepreneur is very involved and has the will to improve. That is certainly the case with XLCASA. Everything is negotiable, which means that we have achieved great results and are far from finished with the collaboration.

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