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SHV Energy provides low-carbon and clean energy solutions to business and residential customers in more than 25 countries across four continents. It is a leading global distributor of LPG and also a major player in small-scale LNG and sustainable biomass.


Growth in Accounts


Rise in CTR


Increase in Conversions

The challenge

Growing number of customers, too few specialists.

In May 2021, there was a need for knowledge and support in the field of Google Ads within the digital agency of SHV Energy – Sherpa. The expectation was to double in customers, all with their own Google Ads structure.

The solution

Quickly jump in & scale up.

Within two weeks we were up and running and we carried out all kinds of work to further optimize the accounts and campaigns. When the head SEA specialist stopped working, our role changed from following to leading.

The results

Complete overall growth.

The number of customers has doubled +100% compared to our start. We have devised a complete strategy that can be deployed globally. This has resulted in a more effective way of managing Google Ads for the specialists and benchmarking between countries has now been simplified.

The collaboration

Grow with the team.

The final collaboration lasted more than 20 months, 14 of which on a full-time basis. This gave us a unique insight into the kitchen and the opportunity to work closely with all specialists within the Sherpa team.

Because not only did the number of customers double – the team also grew. This created the opportunity for us to work closely with all specializations (CRO, Programmatic, Social, SEO, Content) to achieve synergy. A very nice experience and we wish the team every success in the coming years!

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