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30% growth in monthly applicants

Dirk van den Broek was originally an Amsterdam supermarket with 120 branches and 1.6 million customers per week. At Dirk, more than 12,000 employees work every day to provide good service.


Monthly growth


Lower costs


Rise in CSR

The challenge

Continuous supply of applicants at the right cost.

We always go for a sustainable collaboration and that starts with a deep-dive in your business. That is why, in addition to the introduction, we have drawn up a relevant questionnaire for a complete needs analysis.

The solution

Specific search campaigns for each profile.

We started in Amsterdam with specific search campaigns for each profile and then scaled up to multiple locations with matching ad texts. To get full coverage and visibility, we switched to dynamic groups.

The results

+30% Growth in applicants at -48% of costs.

Our campaign has resulted in a monthly growth in applicants of 30% compared to the previous month. Ultimately realized growth is 164%. By using smart bidding strategies, we were able to reduce the cost per hire by 48% at the same time.

The collaboration

Monthly sparring about the expansion opportunity.

We have a pleasant cooperation with the Dirk van den Broek team. They quickly understood which KPIs are important and this makes our work very enjoyable for Dirk. Every month we discuss expansion opportunities and fill gaps left by employees who have left. As a result, we have grown from the initial locations to several villages and towns where Dirk can be found.

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  • Brainstorm
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