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+365% increase in website visits

The Laser Frezer is a total supplier of laser-cut plastic parts and sheet material. Production takes place 24/7 in Hoogeveen from HDPE to POM. Due to the various applications, including for the food industry and retail, the Laser Frezer has a large sales market in the Netherlands and abroad.


Website visitors


Avg. CPC



The challenge

Qualitative but also want to grow explosively.

The Laser Frezer already had campaigns running that converted but were too small to achieve the growth targets. After the initial analysis, it also appeared that the current measurements were not designed to provide sufficient data for success.

The solution

Breakdown by target group a key moment.

The solution for the Laser Frezer lay in rebuilding the account with split campaigns segmented by generic and specialist terms. This also allowed us to use the correct target groups to give the campaign even more smart steering. After two months, we were also able to expand the campaign to Belgium.

The results

Significant increase in quality visitors.

Despite the significant increase in volume (+365%) that finds its way to De Laser Frezer via Google Ads, we have seen average CPCs drop by 9% and conversions have increased by 307%.

The collaboration

Thinking, daring and doing.

Rob has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and is not afraid to try. That makes the collaboration a great challenge. He understands the Ads part and is super involved as soon as we come up with ideas.

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