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From 0 to 5.000+ sales in 16 months.

Balzy is a brand for male grooming products. Started at the end of November 2021 with only a trimmer for intimate parts, Balzy has now grown into a brand with multiple products and a care line.


Average growth MoM


Drop in CPC


Website visitors

The challenge

Explosive growth and healthy cash flow.

Explosive growth in niche market with profit target from day one. As a starting brand, achieving growth and a healthy cash flow is extremely important. As Balzy grew we had to look for a stable volume x conversion.

The solution

A broad mix of campaigns.

We started with the basics: performance-oriented campaigns with strongly and competitive ad copy. After the performance-oriented campaigns have created a stable basis, it was time for the next layer: brand awareness in the form of Display, Discovery and YouTube campaigns.

The results

Foothold & big ambitions.

The strategy pursued has seen a decrease in CPC of -12.2% since the start, while we show a monthly growth of 124%. Finally, since the start of the campaigns, Balzy has not only sold more than 5,000+ groomers through Google Ads, the product range has also expanded, making it a total provider for male grooming.

The collaboration

Freedom and responsibility.

The gentlemen behind Balzy are not entirely unknown to marketing; this allows us to work with short lines, but at the same time we are responsible for our own channel. They trust us to take the reigns as long as the desired KPIs are achieved. We discuss the results every month, which results in a clear goal for the coming period. All in all a pleasant cooperation with ditto success.

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